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I am looking for a puppy. I really want a husky but my husband is not so sure so he went on google last night and found all kinds of negative things about huskys. Like the shedding is crazy and the love to destroy drywall and furniture. Please send me some positive things so i can show him

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They do shed!  All dogs can be destructive if provided the opportunity.  Any time the puppy is not supervised it must be confined, so there is limited opportunity to chew on things.  My 3 Siberians are not destructive.  They also are escape artists and are not reliable off lead.  To me, those are real negatives.  You will never be able to walk a Siberian off lead and have him stick around.  He won't, no matter how well you train him, no matter how much she loves you.

As for positives they are great companions and  friendly with everyone they meet.  They will never be a guard dog, because they are just too willing to make friends with everyone.  They are very calm if they've been exercised enough.  You can really take them anywhere as they do not get spooked by big crowds or strange noises.  (Some people say they howl at sirens, but mine do not).  I love the breed and will probably never have anything else, but they aren't for everyone.

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Siberian's are Awesome!  I have had five Huskies over the years and wouldn't get any other kind of dog.  Granted, they shed like mad but owning many vacuums helps.  I have three Roombas - One for each of my Siberians!  If you give them baths monthly and brush them daily the hair is not a problem.   They are such loving dogs, always happy, very friendly and great with people. 


Any dog will be destructive if you leave it alone.  Puppies and younger dogs should Never be left unattended and chewing, digging and other bad behaviors need to be nipped at the first instance.  Huskies are pack dogs and you will be part of their pack so when you leave them, they feel sad.  Sad + Bored = a really naughty dog and a very unhappy owner. 


You do have to exercise them daily as they are not lazy dogs.   Kennels are pretty much required until they become an old dog.  Even my 5 yr old is in a kennel while we're gone because she would tear all of my house plants to shreds if I left her to roam the house.  They also do sneaky things when they're mad at you like pooping in your shoes or on the center of your bed.  Huskies are scary smart and very creative so if they feel they're not getting enough attention, they will show you!!!

Huskies do need a fenced yard and are diggers so you need to nip that in the bud at  puppyhood.  I've trained mine not to dig by never leaving them outside unattended so they never got the urge or opportunity to learn that behavior.  They have Very selective hearing and will not come to you when you call if they find something more interesting.  In General, Huskies do not obey a command unless they see a direct purpose or benefit to them.  They can NEVER be off leash while on a walk, in an unfenced yard and personally, I would never take mine to a dog park because they will find something like another dog, human, squirrel or rabbit that is way more interesting and will not come when called.


Buy a Husky book and do your research before you actually do buy a Husky.  Find out if there are any pet shows or pet fairs and go talk to owners.  Keep in mind, Huskies are very high maintenance, very needy and are not a good dog if you plan to buy a dog and leave it alone a lot. 



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The email did not come through, but I see the subject line. Feel free to post this as a guideline.

 What I have learned is that life responds to both our expectations and to the goals that we set as our ideals.
  I have never experienced "destructive" behavior from any of my five Siberian huskies .
  What I have observed with both children and Siberians, is that young beings respond to our expectations and the thrive when there are clear expectations with boundaries and rewards in place.
  Catherina is my beautiful red/white husky. I spent the first two and a half years of her life  intensely training her and did not leave her alone for more than four hours at a time during that time. As Maria Montessori the remarkable educator once said," If you see chaos on the outside, look to your own self." She also said, " Insure success."
   By training a Siberian with small steps and rewards for success for those accomplishments, it is a beautiful outcome to experience a life time of pleasure, companionship and fun with your Siberian. The key is to continue both the rewards and to introduce new and challenging behavior expectations.
   Maria Montessori observed that we must use the natural inclinations in order to see desired behaviors. That is exactly what I do: reward with praise, each and every act that is a positive behavior. I have never used physical force on any animal. To reach for amazing results , create a bond of trust so that there is a tremendous desire to meet your expectations.
  Catherina knows her commands in French as well as in English and hand signals. She is the only dog allowed in church, as my priest, Father Tanghe, stood up in front of everyone and said, " Not everyone is as well behaved as Catherina!"  Catherina goes on business trips with me, is a guest at The Hyatt and has attended numerous formal dinners.  ( No, she did not eat at the function but always prior.) She modeled for Ralph Lauren and was in a Coke commercial when she was only nine weeks old.  Her reward is  not only, weekly hiking in the mountains and splashing in the rushing streams , but being accepted and loved wherever we go together.
  Her big smile and JOY is my reward.
   That  JOY is the reward  for your years of persistence and patience, a companion that is beyond compare. Reach for behaviors that are socially pleasing and that will allow your beautiful puppy to become all that is possible.
   Recognize their natural instinct to run and play  and use those instincts as  rewards in a safe environment that is controlled. Insure success.
    Your husky is the most intelligent of all canines, and will rise to both your expectations and to your love. Your husky is waiting for your lead, for you to be the alpha and set the standard for behavior to insure his success to be the magnificent companion that God intended . These are highly intelligent creatures and you must be smarter in order to gain awesome results.
  Educate yourself, raise your expectations and become what  you most want to see in your environment.
   As a resource, you may want to purchase, "The Art of Rearing a Puppy" written by the Benedictine monks of  Upstate New York as well as reading works by Maria Montessori.
   Hope this helps.
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I have raised
S. Huskies for the last 30 some years and feel that they very sweet loyal devoted dogs ever. They can be very stubborn and extremely smart. They can be very hyper. But I would never want any other breed of dogs now. My new Husky was adopted and says I love you, I want some. My husky before her was deffinetly alpha-female this husky has no alpha at all just a big lover and runner. Thank god for micro chips.
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Jess Moore - Jalerran
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Hi Laura,

I'm assuming this is the thread you were referring to?

Breed Traits

High maintenance breed - yes.... but if you know what to expect, and are willing to dedicate the time and energy involved in raising ANY puppy, you shouldn't be too disappointed with a Siberian :) (unless you want an off-lead dog).


Jessica Moore

Jalerran Siberians

Clarion, PA

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Tyler Michlich
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I just got a new puppy in November and I was thinking the same things as you were and I knew they would be alot of work but any dog is alot of work with proper training and correction of bad behaviors they are just as good as any other dog probably even better they do shed but my girl has never destroyed anything the only thing she is guilty of is getting in the trash every once in awhile (curiosity) and digging holes they need loads of room  love you run but either invest in some sort of fencing I got an invisible fence which works fine or if you like to walk bring some muscle good luck you will make the right choice you have to be willing to put in the time and you will get the reward in the end

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This is my first Husky and yes he does keep me on my toes.  Novah is not destructive in a malicious way, he is just curious and if not directed he will get into mischief.  He does chew a lot, especially now because he is teething, but all I had to do is provide him with things that are acceptable to chew on and he doesn't bother anyting else.  He is absolutely the smartest animal I have ever seen.  Training will not be a problem as long as you are willing to deal with stubborness.  He is very playful and full of energy.  We go on walks sometimes twice a day to burn off some of that energy.  I haven't experienced the shedding yet, but I am expecting he will blow his coat soon, as it is getting up to 80 here now.  He does not shed on a daily basis though. Overall, Novah has been the best dog I have ever had (compared to a cocker spaniel, shih tzu, and golden retriever) .  I would just warn that a Husky will need more attention and patience than most other breeds, but the payoff is absolutely worth it!

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