Nikerbee's Siberian Huskies

AKC Siberian Huskies


Quotes Laura could not have given me anything better. I started off as just buying one pup from her and that was Max. I went to see him and I got to meet mom and dad and I new right away I wanted another. We brought Max home and two weeks later we had Mia. Laura is a great breeder, she cares about her pups and is very protective on where they go. Laura has great quality and would not sell to just anyone. The whole time we were waiting to bring Max home, Laura was always up to date on what the pups were doing and posting pictures and e-mailing me so we can see for ourselves how cute they were and how they were growing. Max and Mia are by far the most awsome dogs I have ever owned. They are playfull, they love my kids, they are very intellegant and Mia is an awsome leader. Max is my dominator but Mia is my leader (kinda weird) but that is who they are. If I were to buy another siberian husky I would 100% go to Laura Quotes
Tina H

Quotes When I picked up my little Brodie I could not be happier. He has the greatest personality ever. Brodie was practically house broken when I picked him up it seemed...I have not had a hard time with him at all. Because Brodie was so well socialized with the other dogs he has really taken up to my dog and cats with no problem at all...I was actually quite suprised. Laura is an excellent breeder and very informative at ALL times. I searced for a good month for the right breeder and my searches kept leading right back to Laura at Nickerbees. Laura takes excellent care of her dogs and the area in which they live. Every step of the way Laura was there to give me constant updates, pictures, and to answer any questions I may have had. I am very satisfied with my pup and my choice of breeder. I would recommend Nickerbees to anyone looking for a pup. Quotes
Sara J