Nikerbee's Siberian Huskies

AKC Siberian Huskies


Here are the dogs who have forever touched our hearts.These dogs no longer live with us. Some are living the good life as a retired couch potato and others are still in the fast lane.

 Angel is now living with Zach and his family. She is living the good life sleeping on the couch and getting tons of attention.


Summer is now living with a great family. They have children who love and adore her. To see our show results for Summer click here. To see more pics of Summer click here


Bandit unfortunetly escaped from our fence in the backyard. He was never seen again. He had just finished his AKC Championship and was a champion. To see more pics of Bandit click here. To see our show results for Bandit click here.


 Jack is now living in a home that is supposed to show him in conformation. Best of luck to a fast Championship. He only needs 3 single points! To see our show results with Jack click here. To see more pics of Jack click here.










Feebie is now living in Kentucky. She gets to live a goodlife indoors. While being treated like a princess :). To see more pics of Feebie click here .