Nikerbee's Siberian Huskies

AKC Siberian Huskies

Zoe X Bear Puppies
Luxury vehicles Theme (used for identification purpose)

 Monday, February 25th-Puppies arrived 

 Monday, March 11th-1st worming at 2 weeks of age

 Monday, March 25th-2nd worming at 4 weeks of age

 Sunday, April 7th-Puppy visit at 12 pm

*Monday, April 8th-Balance owed is due at this time (puppies are 6 weeks old and it gives us time to find a new buyer if necessary)

 Monday, April 8th-3rd worming at 6 weeks of age  

 Wednesday, April 17-Friday, April 19th - 3 day worming 

 Monday, April 22nd-Puppies leave for new homes 12 pm -2 pm

Deposit holders

1st pick -Breeder's pick Mercedes (grey female) 

2nd pick-Nelson's pick Audi (white female)  

3rd pick-Eric's pick Viper (black male)   

4th pick-Gary's pick Ferrari (grey male) 

5th pick    AVAILABLE

6th pick Available

                                                   Lamborghini grey male available

                                                       BMW grey male Available


                                                        Ferrari grey male SOLD to Gary


Audi white female SOLD to Nelson


                                                             Viper black male Sold to Eric